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Protecting what you've built.

You've worked hard to build your business and your legacy. Now let us work hard to grow and protect it!

Business Owner and Family Man

Devin Black

As a father of four and a business owner myself, I know that everything you've ever done has been to build your legacy and company.

With Texas, California, and federal experience in employment law and business litigation my firm is here to ensure you are protected and aggressively represented at each step of the process from formation to dillution and everything in between.

Whether you're starting a business to one day hand down to your kids or doubling your company's size through a merger/acquistion, Black Law Firm is there to make sure your work is more protected. 

Bottom Line. What does it cost?

Everyone needs a good lawyer! You'll be instructed on the cost-benefit analysis of each step of the process and, for clients that feel our services are just out of reach, we work with each client to find a payment plan or fixed fee arrangement that works for your specific budget.


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